It’s never been easier to make an impact.

By becoming a RescueBox member you are providing pets with hours of fun by spoiling them with a stash of healthy treats, engaging toys, and durable chews for them to enjoy. More importantly, you are also providing less fortunate pets with life-saving supplies - including food and crucial vaccinations.

Our motivation for creating RescueBox was to make a difference in the lives of animals. Together, with your help, we're able to accomplish just this.

For every month you are a member, pets in shelters across America will the receive crucial help they need with the help of our partners at Greater Good, Rescue Bank, and A Shot at Life.

Rescuebox Programs:

Spoil your pet

Does your pet love getting a new and exciting box of presents every month? Then a RescueBox subscription is perfect for you! Our passionate team of pet experts creates a surprise box full of toys, treats and chews great for pets of any age. We have a cat box and 3 different size dog boxes to choose from. Not only will your pet enjoy their box of goodies, with each box your receive RescueBox will donate 10 pounds of food to shelter pets in need throughout the USA.

Gift a shelter

Your gift of RescueBox to shelters will support animals that are desperately in need of your help. Every month these animal shelters will receive a box of premium products to enjoy AND RescueBox will match your efforts by donating 10lbs of to shelter pets in need. Shelters will be selected by depending on the type of box and needs of the shelter. RescueBox, & The Animal Rescue Site are proud to help provide these boxes to shelter animals in need on your behalf. We couldn't do it without your support -- Thank you!

Give a gift

Looking for a special gift for your furry grandchild or a new addition to your extended family? Is it the holiday season and you are looking for a gift for the pet lover that has everything? Perhaps you just love sending presents to your friends with pets. Well, look no further than our "give a gift" option. This will send 1, 3, 6 or 12 months of boxes for that special pet to enjoy while providing food for shelter pets in need.

How It Works

Select your box type

Over a $40 Value starting at $23.45!
We cater to both dogs and cats of all shapes and sizes. Select the box that works best for your furry family member.

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Choose your subscription renewal frequency

The longer you commit, the more you donate! For every month that you subscribe, we will donate 10 pounds of food to shelter pets in need.

Goodies get unboxed

Every delivery is unique. Each box contains toys, treats, and accessories hand-selected by our team of passionate pet-lovers.

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Make an impact

After your purchase is made, we work with our charitable partners at Rescue Bank and GreaterGood. They help facilitate the donations of food.

Your Impact Counts

Animals that are healthy, well-fed, and disease-resistant have much better odds of finding a happy forever home. That’s why RescueBox teamed up with to provide food to homeless animals all over the country.

Your RescueBox subscription will provide a minimum of 10 pounds of food to homeless pets, and your impact grows the longer you subscribe!

Every time you renew your subscription, we’ll donate the same amount again; giving even more to animals in need! Read below to learn more about how your subscription helps.

Feeding Animals With Rescue Bank

Each year, millions of pounds of nutritious pet food are donated by brand name manufacturers for delivery by Rescue Bank® to pre-qualified animal welfare non-profits throughout America. Rescue Bank supports freight-paid deliveries to smaller, less visible non-profits that have limited access to resources.

Millions of pounds of nutritious pet food arrive at rescue organizations in need each year. In 2015, Rescue Bank shipped its 1000th truckload of food—that’s over 100 million meals for hungry animals waiting for adoption!

The impact doesn’t stop with full bellies. Food is often the largest expense for rescues, and by offsetting those costs, rescues can use that money for other programs that save more lives.

Your subscription to RescueBox provides a minimum of 5 pounds of food to rescue groups in need.


What types of food will my subscription provide?

Rescue Bank awards donated food to rescue groups across the country. Because of the nature of the donation program, it is not always possible to say what type of food will be delivered. It is possible to say, however, that the food is quality, healthy, name-brand food. Rescue Bank delivers dry and wet food for cats and dogs based on availability.

How are shelters/rescues selected to receive food?

Donations are distributed by region to distribution centers. These centers take responsibility for distributing the food equitably to Rescue Bank approved shelters or rescues who come to a distribution to receive food.

Are all shelters and rescues eligible to apply?

Rescue Bank works primarily with smaller, less-visible rescues who have large impact. Because of this, there are some restrictions on which groups can receive food. Each group must also go through an application and vetting process. To learn more about how Rescue Bank selects and approves its groups, or to apply to be a part of Rescue Bank, visit